Le Pondicheri

80 - 150 Gram(s)

Delivered in 3-5 days

Prepared By Mango Hill

Fresh vegetarian, handmade, dry cheese coated with curry leaves.

Product Details

Le Pondicheri - Gourmet cheese coated with Curry leaves

A relatively new cheese on the scene, its made fresh, vegetarian, handmade, dry cheese coated with curry leaves. We recommend this cheese as a must-try if you are a cheese lover looking for a new favorite. A truly artisanal creation and this particular cheese kicks things up a notch with its unique combination of a very Indian flavoir, i.e - Curry leaf.

 Pairing Cheese with food you love:

Serve with pears, apples or walnuts. Use in spreads, sauces or mix it with salad dressing. This cheese especially with the added flavour of curry leaves can be eaten as is, or accompanied with crackers and fine wine, cheese is a protein-rich meal.


Cow Milk, Curry Leaves, Salt, Veg Rennet, Lactic Ferments

Shelf Life:

3 months and 2 months after opening

Storage and Handling:

Keep refrigerated at 4-8 degrees. Keep out of refrigirator for 30 minutes before consuming.

*Note: These cheeses are handmade and therefore the weight may differ with every batch. However, an approximate measurement is mentioned. 


The best way to store cheese is with cheese paper, which has an outer paper layer and an inner waxy layer. The next best thing is to wrap your cheese in parchment with a layer of plastic wrap over that.


80 - 150 Gram(s)

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