160 - 250 Gram(s)

Delivered in 3-5 days

Prepared By Mango Hill

Fresh handmade, vegetarian cheese with garlic.

Product Details

L'aisoon - A garlic-ky affair with cheese

Fresh handmade, vegetarian cheese with garlic. Cheese gets better with age and in this case, garlic. This cheese is studded with flavorful garlic a perfect marriage of flavours and a delightful topping on breads!

Why is our cheese so good!

These are all natural cheeses made in India with French know-how. Fresh Cow milk  is delivered to our dairy by local farmers, and tested for quality, in Auroville. The ferments are exclusively sourced from France


Cow Milk, Salt, Garlic, Veg Rennet, Lactic Ferments

Shelf Life:

2 months and 1 month after opening.

Storage and Handling:

Keep refrigerated at 4-8 degrees. Keep out of refrigirator for 30 minutes before consuming.

*Note: These cheeses are handmade and therefore the weight may differ with every batch. However, an approximate measurement is mentioned.


Try Gruyere + L'aisoon on Rye bread for a truly cheesy experience!


160 - 250 Gram(s)

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