Kesari Bath

200 Gram(s)

Delivered in 3-5 days

Prepared By DesiMealz

It is also known as Rava kesari. This sweet cuisine is a traditional south Indian vegetarian food that has existed since several decades. It is prepared by many during festivals and other auspicious days.

Product Details

It is a famous sweet dish from Karnataka and is a popular dish during festivals such as Ugadi. The word Kesari refers to the spice Saffron which is used, resulting in its saffron-orange-yellow-colored tinge. This delicious Indian dessert is no more an elabortae dish to cook for you. Desi Mealz makes it easy with its fresh, Home-made, ready-to eat Kesari Bath. Have a sweet tooth but too lazy to prepare them? We have the right solution. Just Add Water & bring it to boil. Delicious Kesari Bath is ready. Add diced bananas or Apple for added flavour.


 Semolina, Sugar, Milk, Saffron, Edible Oil, Cashew nut, Turmeric, Cardamom

Shelf Life:

Best consumed within 6 months from date of manufacture or 9 months if refrigerated.

Storage and Handling:

Empty the contents in 450 ml boiling water in a Vessel. Heat it for 4-5 minutes on medium flame as per requirement. Add 4 tsp ghee or butter while cooking. Serve Hot.



200 Gram(s)

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