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Soft cheesy bread

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Focaccia - A li'l intro about this Italian bread

A very reputed bread in Itlay, which is especially baked in oven. Its fresh and unique nature helps to serve it as a base ingredient/ recipe to sandwiches, pizzas etc., The name Focaccia is dervied from Latin word "focus" which implies place where baking is done - hearth.

What makes it special?

One of the most ancient and versatile breads from Italy. The olives, cheese and fresh herbs, lends an authentic taste to this artisan bread. Focaccia Bread can be eaten as it is or sliced and used for making Sandwiches. It goes well with soups, pastas and any other Italian recipes!

Various bread recipes & toppings

The toppings on it ranges from tomato, potato, onion pepper, cheese to mushroom, chicken and pork. Focaccia lovers don't even wish to waste left overs. They make excellent bread salads and puddings using them.


Yeast, Flour, Water, Herbs, Tomatoes, Olives, Cheese and Rosemary

Shelf Life

Upto two weeks in the refrigerator

Storage and Handling

Store in an air tight container or cling wrapped in a refrigerator


It is great on its own, no really! Although if your patience levels are high up, you can toast it, cut it into cubes to give your salads an extra crunch or glam up your soups!


450 Gram(s)

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